Renowned engineering excellence


Our clients  make well informed decisions with Bronswerk Survey Reports  to guide them in determining the life cycle costs of specific system component repairs or upgrades.   Bronswerk Group takes pride in the thoroughness of its  Technical Investigation Engineering Studies (TIES) and the completeness of its mechanical system assessment and testing of HVAC systems and components (chilled water plants, refrigeration, plumbing, fire protection, NBC protection,  temperature controls/automation etc.). 

With the support of Project Management and Engineering, our HVAC and Refrigeration Surveys and Tests are tailored to the clients’ concerns to cover a variety of needs  :

  • Technical assessments, testing and repair of the heating ventilation and air conditioning systems on both the air and water sides
  • Installation and repair of Variable frequency drives for multiple systems
  • AC and refrigeration plants technical assessments, testing and repair
  • Weapons/Cargo cooling systems assessment, repair, and testing
  • Assessment, cleaning and repair of critical areas where contaminants are likely to flourish such as galleys, cold rooms, ductwork, cooling coils, drain pans, etc.
  • Motors and controllers for fluid and air systems assessment, repair, cleaning
  • Habitability planning and assessment, improvement in energy consumption that includes HVAC equipment refurbishment and procurement for different compartments such as galleys, berth compartments, machine rooms, citadels, etc.
  • Engineering system improvements that include troubleshooting and adjustment
  • Technical support for system assessment of performance, reliability and repair
  • Comprehensive survey reports that present the state of the system and components including their efficiency & reliability, the issues, the risks and recommendations
  • Project Management support for all evaluations to assess reliability and develop strategy for required repair

Bronswerk Group also offers assessment services to evaluate the crews’ HVAC technical competencies with respect to both the efficient and proper operations of the HVAC systems and components as well as 1st and 2nd line maintenance.