Renowned engineering excellence


Knowledge for Optimal Efficiency

At BRONSWERK we pride ourselves on meeting your unique needs in the most efficient way possible; we don’t deliver canned or over- under-engineered solutions. Our designs and specialized marine HVAC-R products are carefully thought out to meet your customized solution requirements – all with superior client service.

BRONSWERK HVAC-R solutions are cost-effective with easy maintainability and high reliability. Our product innovation means we are able to deliver efficient systems that offer greater flexibility and adaptability. For example, we continue to lead innovative research and development on marine chillers using oil-free, frictionless, magnetic bearing compressors.

At BRONSWERK we believe in teamwork. We support your business, whether you need a small-scale or a large-scale application, with a highly efficient team of specialist dedicated to you. Each team consists of a project manager, engineers and designers. We are your HVAC-R sea experts.

Our relationship with you begins with a consultation to clarify your objectives, deliverables and expectations. Preliminary design is followed by detailed design and execution and final preparation of your HVAC-R system. This means that our involvement extends into the ship’s integrated design phase and post ship launch where we provide ongoing system support.

BRONSWERK quite simply offers quality and innovation unmatched in the industry, together with complete lifecycle support. Our commitment to you is to deliver the best customized HVAC-R solution at a competitive price and on-time.


Globally Renowned Engineering Excellence


For large or small vessels, we are your partner

Engineering excellence and innovation are two of our key strengths. We have been marine HVAC-R experts since 1947. We know that marine HVAC-R systems must withstand the most rigorous climate conditions and offer prolonged reliability. Our team of engineers have accumulated more than 250 years combined experience in markets around the globe – our knowledge of HVAC-R systems for marine environments is unsurpassed in the industry.

BRONSWERK engineers work to meet each individual client’s needs, whether it’s an HVAC-R system for a tug, ferry, passenger vessel or tanker. Small- and large-scale projects receive equal priority and customer care. Our team of engineers, detail designers, project managers and site supervisors is at your service.

At BRONSWERK all systems are low-noise and low-vibration, with superior pitch and roll tolerance. Lightweight, our HVAC-R systems represent the most solid technical package at the most competitive price. All of our projects also meet rigorous global quality standards.

BRONSWERK relies on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) ® method and its project roadmap to meet your highest expectations and to deliver your solutions on time and on budget. This approach, created by the Project Management Institute (PMI), is consistent with our ISO 9000 certification of management standards.