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Geoff Maitland Retires from Bronswerk Marine but Remains as Advisor

Bronswerk Group announces that Geoff Maitland, the firm’s President, retired effective April 1st, 2019 and will remain on the board and as an advisor to support the company’s new CEO.  Francis Fontaine was named by the board to serve as CEO of the company since Mr. Maitland’s retirement. Mr. Fontaine joined Bronswerk in 2012 as CFO and was promoted in 2018 to Executive Vice-President, assisting Mr. Maitland with the international development of the company.

Geoff Maitland was President and owner of Bronswerk Group from 2006 to 2015, when he sold the company, and then to 2019 he served as the President reporting to the Board.  Prior to that, Mr. Maitland served for 10 years as Executive Vice President of Stork Bronswerk, where he oversaw the company’s most critical business development and operations processes.  During Mr. Maitland’s tenure as Executive Vice President, he played a critical role in helping the firm adapt to significant changes in the global marine shipbuilding industry.

“Geoff Maitland has contributed 35 years of experience to Bronswerk and his achievements will not be forgotten. He guided the company through the downturn in Canadian Shipbuilding Industry during the 1990s and early 2000s and positioned Bronswerk to become one of the world’s top 3 military marine HVAC companies. Geoff Maitland demonstrated leadership across a broad range of the company’s operations – from Engineering and Supply Chain Management where he served as Project Manager on the Canadian Patrol Frigate Program, then Director of the Marine Division to drive Business Development and start Bronswerk’ s expansion into new markets opening branches in the US; and more recently, as Owner and President, opened branches in Europe. Geoff Maitland’s work ethic, command of complexity, devotion and client focus have been exemplary at the company,” said Joep Hopman, President of the Board, Bronswerk Marine Group. “Geoff Maitland has been a mentor to many, and his influence has made an indelible impact on every generation of professionals at the firm. I want to thank him for all he’s done for the development and progress of the Bronswerk Group.”