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Summit Industrial Products

Summit Industrial Products, a member of the Freudenberg family is synonymous with development of high quality products . They are recognized as the leader in synthetic lubricant technology and have developed a range of more than 200 products that can be used in almost any industrial application. For 30 years, Summit Industrial Products has been constantly evaluating new base oils and additives to provide our customers the best lubricants technically available.

Summit is the first company in North America to be certified ISO 21469:2006 , which is the highest food grade lubricant certification . Summit is able to meet the most rigorous demands of a majority of industrial applications and have developed advance cleaning agents including Sublime products, which is a descaling agent and SUM -CLEAN, a water-based degreaser.

BRONSWERK Lubricants has developed a close partnership with Summit Industrial Products to offer its customers a wide range services and solutions for the following applications:

Air Compressors – fluid barrier – Food Grade Lubricants – Gas Compressors – Gear Lubricants – Greases – Hydraulic Oils – Lubricants Chain Conveyor Oven – Oil Pump – Lubricants for refrigeration – Special Lubricants – Cleaners – Scalers – ConDePhase Plus and ThermaPhase Equipment

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