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Eni Lubricants

Eni Lubricants offers a wide range of lubricants for nearly all commercial applications in the transportation sector, Automotive, Trucking (including 2 and 4 stroke engines, gasoline and diesel), a range of oils for manual and automatic transmissions, fluids for suspension, brake fluids and greases. There are special products agricultural, construction, forestry and mining equipment. All Eni products and chemicals are approved and internationally and exceed the requirements and specifications where they are used.

BRONSWERK Lubricants partnered with Eni in 2014 to market and supply their products to meet the requirements of our growing client base and is proud to offer a range of solutions and services for all across Canada.
Specialized in the heavy equipment sector, BRONSWERK provides general purpose and specialized lubricants (gear oils, greases and other related products) and services for automobiles, commercial vehicles, including heavy trucks and mining and agriculture sector vehicles. Funds towards new equipment available; contact BRONSWERK for more information.