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By working with clients in the mold and die casting industry and seeking to solve their production problems for over 50 years, Chem- Trend has become a world leader in developing and providing specialized release agents and other auxiliary chemicals unique to this industry. Through rigorous research, testing and real world experience directly with customers Chem-Trend has a range of high performance specialty chemicals for multiple types of molding, forming and casting, and offers many other special products that aim to improve the efficiency of your operations.

BRONSWERK Lubricants partnered with Chem-Trend to better meet the unique requirements of the Molding andDie Casting Industry and is proud to offer a range of solutions and services for:

Corrosion inhibitors – degreasing solutions for rinsing heads casting – pasta preparation, anti-noise formulations

By focusing their research efforts on reducing unit production costs Chem-Trend’s products provide excellent results, i.e.,  reducing energy and material consumption and reducing production stop time.

Contact us to find out more about how Chem-Trend products increase cycle times and production yield.

Chem Trends HERA High Efficiency Release Agent
Chemlease Zyvax Tailored solutions for COMPOSITESmolding challenges
Improved Productivity Through Product Innovation