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Immediate Supervisor: Site Project Manager

Who are we?

Bronswerk Marine, headquartered in Brossard, Quebec, Canada. Bronswerk Group is an industry leader in Marine HVAC and Refrigeration systems. We are a fully accredited ISO 9001: 2015 organization, qualified to deliver full turnkey, integrated solutions to the ship building industry. Specializing in Merchant Marine, Offshore and Military we target markets around the globe, and we are positioning ourselves for long term growth. For more information visit:
Bronswerk Marine has been selected as the Tier-1 supplier of HVAC-R installation services on the OFSV (Offshore Fisheries Science Vessels) and OOSV (Offshore Oceanographic Science Vessel) part of the Canada’s new National Shipbuilding Program being constructed in Vancouver Shipyard in North Vancouver BC. In addition, Bronswerk is Tier-1 supplier for the HVAC on the BC Ferry (M/V SKEENA). While majority of the work will be completed in Vancouver, this position may occasionally be required to work on other projects within the Lower Mainland & the Vancouver Islands. This is a new role and it reports to the Site Project Manager located in Vancouver.

What will be your role?

Reporting to the Site Project Manager, the Production Engineer will work in collaboration with the Installation Manager and the project team in Vancouver. This role is responsible for documentation modifications and upkeep for installation projects in Vancouver:
Key Responsibilities:
Project Execution
• Attend daily installation progress meetings with the shipyard staff to address and resolve problems;
• Work with shipyard engineering, planning, projects and production teams to resolve issues in a solution-oriented way;
• Ensure daily communication with shipyard offices and maintain relationships with relevant people within shipyard;
• Works with the Bronswerk Marine installation team to help resolve installation issues quickly,
• Provide compliant technical solutions as needed to support the design and installation of HVAC equipment onboard;
• Keeps track of all modifications performed and informs the project team;
• Maintains installation and project progress reports;
• Supports Startup / System testing of the HVAC systems and work with the Shipyard team to develop solutions;
• Conducts configuration control on engineering documents and ensures final updated versions is easily accessible (Share Point);
• Creates/updates technical and production related documents such as; commissioning procedures; operators/maintenance manuals, engineering clarifications, production holdups, etc.;
• Organize and maintain effective information flow and update the Project Manager on any potential delays,
• Responsible for the quality of all his deliverables;
• May be called on to recalculate heat loads, pressure drops for ducting and piping systems, equipment capacities, duct sizing depending on modifications needed;
• May need to modify all drawings, Bill of Materials for procurement, Technical Specifications Data Sheets, Air Flow diagrams, and other supporting documentation.

Which candidate profile are we looking for?

• Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.
• 2-5 years of relevant experience.
• Knowledge of complex HVAC systems